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Pray Without Ceasing

More Prayer Resources for Silent Unity Virtual Prayer Vigil

The sacred experience of prayer vigil has the power to transform lives. When we pray without ceasing, prayer becomes a way of life.

All prayer is about healing in some way, about shifting our consciousness to align with the continuous flow of good that is constantly seeking to express itself through us.

When praying for others, we visualize them as wondrously made. “Healing is not a process, but a revelation,” Ernest Holmes said. When we pray for others, or ourselves, we pray until we are able to see that person as wondrously whole.


We hope you will find these prayer resources from Silent Unity helpful.


What is Affirmative Prayer?

Affirmative prayer asserts positive beliefs about a desired outcome and connects with the spirit of God within. Affirmative prayer reflects certainty that we are each being led to our highest good, despite temporary appearances.


Tips on Preparing for Prayer Vigil

How do I pray for others in vigil? The Silent Unity prayer ministry offers tips for how to enter into the Silent Unity Virtual Prayer Vigil and join the shared consciousness of prayer.


Praying for Others

Most of us have found ourselves wanting to help someone else through prayer. This is understandable as it is natural. Love and caring are built into our hearts, as is wanting to help those going through a difficult time. But how do we pray for others?


Pray Without Ceasing

This life-changing compilation focuses on the power of prayer. You’ll return to this booklet again and again for spiritual inspiration. Download or order now.


The Five-Step Prayer Process

Prayer is a means by which to commune with God. The Unity Five-Step Prayer Process is designed to help enrich your experience and your awareness of the divine presence. This process allows us to align our consciousness with the divine presence of Truth within.


What to Expect When You Call Silent Unity
Need prayer? No prayer request is too big or too small. Even if you are not sure what to pray for, Silent Unity telephone prayer ministry associates listen with love and compassion and then pray with you.


Historic Connection of Prayer and Unity

Prayer is the founding centerpiece of Unity. The healing power of affirmative prayer started in the 1880s when Charles and Myrtle Fillmore each experienced physical healing from their prayers and faith in God.


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